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Welcome to the Maestri Family Dental blog. Our goal is to educate you on each of the products and services we offer, common dental myths, and preventative dental measures. If there are any specific topics you would like to learn about, let us know!

Is Dental Insurance the Best For You?

In today’s world everything is so expensive, especially healthcare. Dental care specifically can be very costly. It is a struggle to find good insurance that covers the majority of your bill. Most families think they immediately need to have insurance to cover these bills. Although they may be right, other…

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The Importance of Correcting Your Bite with Clear Aligners

In recent years, advancements in orthodontic technology have provided patients with more options than ever for achieving a straighter smile and healthier bite. Among these options, clear aligners such as Invisalign and SureSmile have emerged as popular alternatives to traditional braces. In this blog, we'll explore why correcting your bite…

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Enhance Your Oral Health

March is Oral Health Month so we’re going to get down to the basics of why maintaining optimal oral health is so important for everyone! Keeping up with good oral health goes beyond just having a bright smile. It's essential for your overall well-being. Maestri Family Dentistry, your Lafayette Family…

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5 Foods to Eat to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common oral health issue that can lead to serious complications if left untreated. At Maestri Dentistry, your trusted Lafayette dental office, we understand the importance of preventive care in maintaining optimal oral health. In this blog, we'll explore what gum disease…

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Understanding and Managing Teeth Sensitivity: A Guide from Your Lafayette Family Dental Practice

Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem that affects millions of people of all ages. Pain or discomfort is usually noticed when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. The pain experienced can “be sharp, sudden, and shoot deep into the nerve endings”, making daily activities like eating…

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Overcoming Dental Anxiety: A Guide to Comfortable Care

Introduction: For many children and adults, the thought of visiting the dentist brings up anxiety and fear, potentially putting off seeking oral care. Dental anxiety is a common concern that affects people of all ages. In this blog post, we'll explore dental anxiety, its symptoms, and how to overcome it.…

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Understanding Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) in Children:

Introduction Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or clenching, is a common but often overlooked issue, not just among adults but also in children. When the habit of grinding teeth extends into childhood, it raises concerns among parents. In this blog post, we will dive into the intricacies of bruxism…

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Why Routine Dental Visits are so Important [Oral Cancer Screening]

We regularly hear that regular dental visits are important, but do you ever wonder why? Well in this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of the examinations and their role in early detection of oral cancer. Oral cancer screening is something our team performs at each dental hygiene visit. If you…

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What to do after Tooth Trauma

If you’ve ever had trauma to the mouth, the first thing most people check for is bleeding, loose, or cracked teeth. If they find that physically, everything is still intact, most would assume everything is ok. This is not always the case. If damage has been done to the nerve…

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What is Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) and do I have it?

We’ve all heard the term gum disease or more specifically, periodontal disease, but do you actually know what that is? Gum disease is actually a very common disease that most adults are living with undiagnosed. Research shows that almost 50% of all adults are living with some form of gum…

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5 Summer Foods That Boost Oral Health

Summer is a season of warmth, fun, and delicious foods. While indulging in summer treats is part of the joy, it's essential to prioritize our oral health even during these carefree months.  The good news is, there’s a multitude of summer foods that not only satisfy our taste buds but…

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Exploring the Relationship Between Gum Disease and Overall Health

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a prevalent oral health condition in the United States. According to the CDC, gum disease affects nearly half of American adults aged 30 years and older, as well as 70% of adults aged 65 and older.  While it may seem confined to…

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How to Combat Bad Breath This Summer

Summer is a season of vibrant activities, outdoor adventures, and social gatherings with friends and family. However, rising temperatures and increased physical activity can also bring along an unwanted companion: bad breath.  Nothing dampens your summer spirit quite like being self-conscious about your breath! Let's dive into the common causes…

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Can I Whiten My Veneers?

Veneers are known for their ability to create a beautiful and radiant smile by concealing dental imperfections like cracks, chips, or discolored enamel.  While they offer immediate aesthetic improvement, it's important to understand the limitations in maintaining their brightness and sparkle over time.  Read on as we discuss whether it…

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Tips to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

If you have a severe tooth infection or a severely damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment.  A root canal is a procedure to remove infected dental pulp, which is the soft tissue containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. After removing the pulp, the space is thoroughly…

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The Dangers of Untreated Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a prevalent condition that affects around 30 million Americans. Living with untreated sleep apnea can have devastating long-term effects on people’s health and well-being.  The continuous pauses in breathing throughout the night caused by sleep apnea deprive the body of oxygen and disrupt its natural rhythm,…

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How Dental Implants Can Improve Oral Health

Dental implants are a highly effective and increasingly popular solution for individuals suffering from tooth loss. In fact, more than 3 million people in the United States have dental implants.  While their primary function is to replace missing teeth and restore one's smile, dental implants offer numerous additional benefits for…

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Invisalign for Working Professionals: Maintaining Your Busy Schedule While Straightening Your Teeth

Are you a working professional looking for an orthodontic treatment option that won’t interfere with your work, social life, and other activities? If so, then Invisalign could be the perfect choice for you!  Invisalign is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional braces that involves wearing clear aligners instead of metal…

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The Importance of Treating Bruxism

Do you ever find yourself grinding and clenching your teeth unconsciously? If so, it's likely that you're experiencing bruxism. Bruxism is characterized by grinding or clenching the teeth during sleep or during the day. Unfortunately, left untreated, bruxism can lead to numerous health complications, such as chronic jaw pain and…

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The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Having one dentist that serves as your entire household's primary dentistry provider is a great option for busy families. A family dentist can provide comprehensive services tailored to everyone's individual needs, while also being able to track progress and results over time. Whether you already have an established relationship with…

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Delayed Tooth Eruption: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Your children’s teeth are one aspect of their health that you likely monitor more often. After all, it’s easily examinable by instructing your child to open wide. One concern that parents express is when their baby teeth seem to take longer than expected to grow above the gumline. This is…

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The Link Between Stress and Bruxism

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a prevailing condition. According to a report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, awake bruxism affects as much as 31% of adults to varying degrees, while sleep bruxism affects about 13% of adults. Why does this happen? While there are various factors involved, stress…

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Why Saliva is Essential for Oral Health

We often take saliva for granted and don't give it much thought, but it actually plays a much more important role in our bodies than many of us realize, from maintaining oral health to diagnosing other diseases in our bodies. What is Saliva? Saliva is a substance, mostly made of…

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A Guide to Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an effective and inexpensive way to prevent cavities and preserve the rear molars. Learn more about the ins and outs of this treatment and particularly whether dental sealants for kids are a viable prevention method below! What are Dental Sealants? The molars and premolars that make up…

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What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation on your tongue, lips, or the roof of mouth? It may feel like it was scalded by boiling coffee, even though you haven’t consumed anything. This sensation is known as burning mouth syndrome, or simply BMS. You’re not alone if you experience this.…

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What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you feeling a bit of pain when you chew because your jaw is growing too tight? If so, it might be time to consider wisdom teeth removal. And no, don't worry—it's not as daunting as it sounds! Although this removal procedure comes with its fair share of uncertainty and…

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Can TMD Cause Dizziness?

TMJ, also known as temporomandibular joint, is shaped like a sliding hinge that connects your lower jaw to your skull.  It is located on either side of your head in front of your ears and allows the jaw to open and close and move from side to side. TMJ helps…

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What Are Toothpaste Tablets?

Chances are that you have a tube of toothpaste in your bathroom. Like most disposable products, those tubes are made of plastic, and it goes straight to the landfill once you’ve used up the paste. In fact, 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded worldwide each year. Some manufacturers have taken…

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How Does Bulimia Affect the Teeth?

What’s Bulimia? Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that's characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating followed by compensatory behaviors such as self-induced vomiting, excessive exercise, or the use of laxatives. This vicious cycle often leads to feelings of guilt and shame, tooth damage, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, digestive problems, and…

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How to Properly Store Your Toothbrush and Keep It Clean

We all have something we rely on every day: our toothbrush! Whether it's an electric toothbrush or a manual one, it plays an integral role in keeping our mouths clean and healthy. For most of us, we take our toothbrushes and toothpaste for granted—it's just something that takes up space…

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Do You Need to Clean Your Tongue?

The tongue is an important organ that often gets overlooked when it comes to oral hygiene. It is responsible for speaking, eating, breathing properly, and swallowing and tasting your food. The tongue is a digestive organ made of strong muscles, attached at one end. It is also the only muscle…

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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy as You Age

Have you ever had a cloudy day suddenly made sunny and bright by a beautiful smile? Healthy teeth are more than aesthetics. They bring joy and a contagion of happy smiles. Their health improves our general well-being, promoting good habits that go beyond oral hygiene, like paying attention to what…

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What is a Dental Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft is a surgical procedure that is performed to help prevent long-term oral health problems associated with tooth loss and gum disease. Bone grafts are used as a filler and act as a mineral reservoir which induces new bone formation.  The bone may be taken from elsewhere…

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6 Best Vitamins for Your Teeth

Vitamins are good for your overall bodily health. However, some vitamins are more beneficial than others for preventing certain ailments. In the same vein, there are vitamins that are especially good for your dental health. Learn the best vitamins for your teeth and how you can incorporate more of these…

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Help! My Teeth Hurt When It’s Cold Outside

Can the cold weather conditions affect your teeth?  The answer is yes, it can. Tooth sensitivity is a very common and real thing during cold weather conditions. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, about 40 million adults suffer from tooth sensitivity in the United States. The most frequent complaint…

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Why are My Teeth So Sensitive?

Have you ever experienced a sudden, sharp pain in your teeth when you eat or drink something cold or sweet? If you feel a pain or tingling sensation, then you could well be suffering from sensitive teeth.  Teeth sensitivity can be caused by a number of things, including enamel erosion,…

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Can Turmeric Whiten Your Teeth?

Turmeric is a popular spice that is derived from an herb called the Curcuma Longa. It has been used as a healing remedy for thousands of years. It is typically orange-yellow in color with a root-like structure that can be found in various forms like dry yellow powder, tablets, or…

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How to Manage Your TMJ Pain

Do you suffer from temporomandibular pain, also known as TMJ? If you do, you’re not alone. The condition affects 5% to 12% of the American adult population. TMJ pain is characterized by jaw and facial discomfort. Those with the condition may also experience pain when speaking or chewing food. Fortunately,…

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Gum Disease: Symptoms, Stages, and Prevention

Although estimates vary from about 70% to 90%, it is safe to say that most adults in the US will experience the mildest form of gum disease, gingivitis, at some point in their lives. In fact, it is the most common infectious disease in the world. Luckily, it is easy…

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Best to Worst Halloween Candies

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children and adults alike. For the young ones, it means trick-or-treating, and who at a young age doesn’t like free candy? With the holiday being only once a year, go ahead and let your children indulge in moderation. Here is a list…

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8 Fall Foods that Can Boost Your Oral Health

Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year. The temperatures decrease, the leaves on the trees turn beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red, and the fall holiday season begins. For many, the best part of the fall season is the holiday foods. These foods include sweet pies,…

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Are Dental Implants Safe?

People have been performing dental implant surgery for a thousand years or more, and since the 1950s as we know it now. As a permanent solution to broken or missing teeth, it is little wonder that these types of procedures have been prevalent throughout recent history. It is estimated that…

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How to Choose Toothbrush Bristles

When it’s time to replace your toothbrush, you may be tempted to grab the first one you come across at the drugstore. But did you know that the type of toothbrush bristles you choose matters to your overall dental health? What are toothbrush bristles made of? Not all toothbrushes are…

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Types of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration may make you hesitate to smile; it can be a confidence breaker especially in teens and young adults. However, did you know there are different forms of tooth discoloration? Learn about the variations, the causes behind each one, and the treatment options. Teeth Discoloration Categories Teeth discoloration falls…

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Why You Need to Drink More Water for Your Oral Health

Water is the most essential fluid needed by the human body in order to thrive and be healthy. Staying hydrated is important to living a healthy and happy life. Drinking water gives life to your body and mind, as it hydrates your muscles, helps transport nutrients throughout the body, and…

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The Importance of Back-to-School Dental Exams

It’s not long before it’s back to school for your young ones. Typical back-to-school duties include shopping for school supplies and uniforms. Add to the duties list by including a dental visit. Learn why back-to-school dental care is important before school is back in session. The benefits serve both you…

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How Thumb Sucking Affects Kids’ Teeth

For babies and toddlers, thumb sucking in itself is not an indication of a problem. It is natural, and in fact, it even has some benefits. For example: Babies who suck their thumbs develop fewer allergies. That’s because exposure to a small amount of germs and bacteria can help the…

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What are Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers, also known as canker sores, are very painful small, shallow lesions that develop inside the mouth. They are typically round or oval with a white, yellow, or gray center and a red border. Mouth ulcers are most common in women and people under forty-five. The size of a…

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Eating and Drinking with Invisalign: What You Need to Know

Of all the ways available to straighten and beautify your smile, Invisalign is arguably the most convenient. The aligners are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces, and they are just as effective for minor to moderate dental realignment. They can be taken out to eat, so you are still…

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How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Once you have a dental implant set in, how do you care for it? Is care for dental implants the same as care for the rest of your teeth? Read on to learn how to maintain your dental implant. With the right maintenance, it can last just as long as…

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Your Kid’s Teeth Will Love These Summer Treats

With summer comes much-anticipated activities like outdoor barbecues and pool parties. Naturally, this entails edible delights that kids love. Unfortunately, traditional summer foods and beverages like pie, lemonade, and ice cream are laden with artificial sugar – precisely the thing that cavity-causing bacteria love. Instead, aim for these alternative and…

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Benefits of Using Mouthwash

A good daily oral care routine is necessary for your dental health. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using mouthwash are healthy dental habits. But is using mouthwash really needed? The American Dental Association (ADA) states that the use of mouthwash, also known as oral rinse, maybe a great…

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What Can Cause TMJ Disorders to Flare Up?

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ for short, is located in front of the ears and allows the jaw to open and close similar to that of a sliding hinge. But when the movement of the jaw joint and surrounding muscles is compromised and accompanied by persistent pain, a diagnosis of…

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dos and donts after getting a root canal

Do’s and Don’ts After Getting a Root Canal

May is National Dental Care Awareness Month. This is the time of year to pay attention to your dental health if you haven’t been doing so. This is especially true for people who have just undergone a recent surgical procedure, such as a root canal. Speaking of a root canal,…

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different types of dental braces

Different Types of Braces You Should Know

Proper dental alignment helps you maintain healthier teeth and gums and improves your appearance and changes the way you are perceived by others. Thanks to advancements in the field of orthodontics, there are more ways than ever to improve your dental alignment. The wide array of options available may make…

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What is an overbite

What is an Overbite?

Overbites, also known as buck teeth, are a deviation or misalignment of the teeth known as a malocclusion. In general, this is when the upper set of teeth sticks out too far over the lower set of teeth. Overbites, crossbites, underbites, and open bites are all types of malocclusions. If…

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How to properly floss your teeth

How to Properly Floss Your Teeth

Brushing alone is not enough. Flossing also needs to be a part of your daily oral hygiene. Unfortunately, only about 30% of the American population floss daily. Another 32% report not flossing at all. Most people cite time as the reason for not being active flossers. Learn why flossing is…

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a woman experiencing stress

Stress Awareness Month: Can Stress Affect Your Oral Health?

Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand that affects you physically and emotionally. It can contribute to many overall health problems. This includes your oral health too. People who suffer from stress and other mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, are more susceptible to developing…

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a woman smiling

How Long Do Veneers Last For

Porcelain veneers are a great solution to enhancing the appearance of your teeth by using a minimally invasive procedure. They are made to blend in well with your natural teeth, creating a realistic result. The thin, durable shells applied to the front of the teeth will disguise any imperfections and…

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a woman sleeping in a bed

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Roughly one in three Americans report getting less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Many of these cases are due to sleep apnea, and most people with the condition aren’t even aware of it. Learn more about sleep apnea, what it is, and how it…

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a brush and toothpaste

Different Toothpaste Types You Might Not Know About

The conventional dental hygiene wisdom is to brush two to three times per day, with each brushing session lasting at least two minutes. If you do that, then you’re following American Dental Association guidelines. However, not all toothpaste is created equal. Some types may be more suitable for you based…

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a kid holding a clean aligner

Invisalign for Teens: What You Need to Know

Invisalign for teens is a terrific option for parents exploring alternatives to braces for their children. This provides your teenage child with a bright smile that will last well into their adulthood. Learn more about Invisalign and how it can be beneficial for minors and young adults. Invisalign at a…

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a women receiving dental treatment

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

If going to the dentist makes you nervous and afraid, you are not alone. It is very normal to worry and feel some degree of uneasiness before a dental appointment. But aggressive forms of dental fear and anxiety that extend beyond being mildly unsettling can lead to poor oral health.…

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A woman experiencing toothache

Can I Treat Bruxism Naturally?

Do you find yourself involuntarily clenching your teeth? Perhaps you wake up most mornings with a headache due to gnashing your teeth as you sleep. If so, you’re not alone; roughly 50% of the adult North American population has reported some degree of bruxism, according to a report published in…

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What Could Happen if TMJ is Left Untreated

What Could Happen if TMJ is Left Untreated

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, or TMJ, is a degenerative disease that affects the jaw and the muscles that surround the jaw. It is also known as TMD which references a disorder. The complex TMJ system consists of bones, muscles, ligaments, and discs that must work together for the jaw to open…

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How to Care for Your Invisalign Aligner

How to Care for Your Invisalign

It has been said that “you are never fully dressed without a smile.” But, if your smile is less than perfect, there are many options available to you to whiten and straighten that beautiful smile. One of those widely used options is Invisalign, used to gradually straighten one's teeth over…

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Are Whitening Strips Bad for Your Teeth - Maestri Dental

Are Whitening Strips Bad for Your Teeth?

Our teeth become discolored as we age. As disappointing as this can be, it is normal and does happen to everyone. The natural aging process of teeth can be heightened due to factors such as medication, smoking, or coffee which can also lead to quicker discoloration. To reverse the effects,…

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Kids Oral Health - Maestri Dental

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Kid’s Better Oral Health

New Year’s Day is the time of year to celebrate new beginnings and for kids to learn about making resolutions. This is also the opportunity for you to instill good oral health as a resolution that is easily attainable. Improving your kid’s oral care early on will benefit them for…

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Christmas Treats that won't hurt your teeth - Maestri Dental

Christmas Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Teeth

‘TIS THE SEASON TO TREAT YOURSELF Choosing Christmas treats that your dentist would approve for maintaining your oral health during the holiday season can be tricky. Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri, a local dentist in Lafayette, LA, and the team are here to help make smarter snack and treat choices during…

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Invisalign vs Braces - Maestri Dental

Which One is Best for Me: Invisalign vs. Braces?

To most people, a smile is important to their overall appearance. It can build confidence, improve health, and contribute to their mental and psychological well-being. Having straighter teeth can impact a person’s entire life. Invisalign vs. Braces Whether an Orthodontist chooses to use Invisalign liners or the traditional braces to…

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TMJ Treatment: Essential Oils for TMJ Pain Relief - Maestri

TMJ Treatment: Essential Oils for TMJ Pain Relief

TMJ, also known as temporomandibular joint, acts like a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to the temporal bones of your skull. This allows you to move your jaw so that you can talk, chew food, and yawn. If problems arise with your jaw and the muscles that control TMJ,…

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How does invisalign work - Maestri Dental

How Does Invisalign Work?

Over 4 million people in the United States wear braces. Twenty-five percent of these are adults. But wearing braces can affect your confidence which can then affect many other aspects of your life. Dental technology today has evolved. There are options available to patients who seek to straighten out their…

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Botox for Bruxism - Maestri Dental

Botox for Bruxism: What You Need to Know

Bruxism is a tension-related disorder that causes a person to grind, grit, or clench their teeth using the jaw muscles. This condition may occur unconsciously while asleep or even when a person is awake. It can involve all the teeth or only the front teeth. In severe cases, bruxism can…

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Preventing Tooth Decay in Your Children

Preventing Tooth Decay in Your Children

As the holidays approach, parents should be more mindful than ever of the foods their children consume, especially those high in sugar. We are all guilty of indulging in our fair share of desserts around this time of year, so being consistent with daily dental hygiene is more important than…

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Major restorative dental work

What is Considered Major Restorative Dental Work?

Restorative dentistry is a major branch of dentistry that focuses on repairing broken or damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth. The primary goal of restorative dentistry is to restore both the function and appearance of the teeth. Restorative dental treatment consists of basic and major dental procedures. Major restorative dental…

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restorative dentistry

What is the Difference Between Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry restores the tooth, or teeth, to their normal function, whereas cosmetic dentistry enhances the visual appearance of your teeth.  At times, both will overlap each other due to the utilization of crowns and implants for teeth restoration.  Dental care at home should start at an early age and…

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Need a new family dentist?

Are you looking for a new family dentist that better aligns with your household’s overall oral health needs? There are several important factors to be mindful of when making your choice for this transition.  Credentials You will want to ensure that the family dentist you select is accredited by the…

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5 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Family Dental Care

Finding a good family dentist is crucial to the oral and overall health care for the entire family.  Since going to the dentist can make you feel somewhat nervous, it is important to find a family dental care practice everyone is comfortable with.  This will make scheduling routine check-ups easier…

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Sensory Issues

My Child Has Sensory Issues: How to Feel Safe at the Dentist

Having a child that has sensory difficulties can make normal tasks overwhelming for the parents and children alike. Dental visits can be extremely triggering with such a visually and auditorily burdening environment. However, most dental offices are well-prepared to cater to children with all types of needs and requirements, so…

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Essential Oils & Oral Health

The Truth Behind Essential Oils & Oral Health

Essential oils were birthed in Ancient Egypt dating back as early as 3000 BC. During the Renaissance period, aromatherapy became more popular and began to be incorporated into health and healing as well as practical uses to replace harmful chemicals at home. Essential oils and aromatherapy have been on the…

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Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics: What, Why, and How?

A complete smile can make or break your confidence. So, if you have a less than perfect smile, dental prosthetics may be an option for you. However, with the world becoming a more health-conscious place, do you know how the dental prosthetics that you are putting in your mouth are…

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Sports Drinks Impact On Oral Health

How Sports Drinks are Affecting Your Oral Health

Now that our children’s sports are getting back into action, it’s a great time to be mindful of what types of beverages they are using to rehydrate. Many of us buy sports drinks for our active kiddos to boost energy or increase stamina but did you know that this popular…

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What is Restorative Dentistry

What is Restorative Dentistry?

The dental world is full of terms and dental lingo that is very unfamiliar to most of the general public. You will hear dentists talk about preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetics, and more but not always receive a breakdown on what exactly that means. At Maestri Family Dentistry, we find…

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No Tricks, All Treats: Tips for a Cavity-Free Halloween

No Tricks, All Treats: Tips for a Cavity-Free Halloween

The holiday that makes pediatric dentists shake with fear is almost here. Halloween — the one day dedicated solely to celebrating all things frightful. But from a dentist’s point of view, the most chilling thing about the holiday isn’t the scary movies or ghosts. It’s the incoming sugar overload from…

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Sedatin Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry: Putting the Questions to Rest

Most people are not fond of dental visits and related processes. The American Dental Association estimates that 22 percent of Americans avoid dental visits because of fear and anxiety. This can increase the probability of tooth loss, serious dental infections, or even oral cancer. Luckily, dentists are now employing dental…

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Back to school dental appointment

Back-to-School = Back to the Dentist!

As children are going back to school, it's the best time to implement a stricter schedule and routine. Especially in these unprecedented times, stability and consistency is key to a child’s success. The same can be said about their oral health. The more a child is exposed to good dental…

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Enamel Erosion

Enamel Erosion and How You Can Prevent It

Did you know that tooth enamel is harder than bone and even steel? Tooth enamel is defined as the hard, outer layer of your teeth that serves to protect against tooth decay. Considering all of the foods that humans enjoy eating— such as apples, nuts, chips, and meat— tooth enamel…

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Root Canals

Do I Need A Root Canal?

The root canal of your tooth is the part of the pulp cavity lying in the root within the tooth. Root canal therapy is the dental process or operation of saving a tooth by removing the contents of its root canal and filling the cavity with a protective substance. According…

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Porcelain Veneers

Are Porcelain Veneers Worth It?

Porcelain veneers are a great dental alternative for men and women, both young and old, and can help a myriad of issues from broken teeth to teeth staining. If you've researched porcelain veneers and have been wondering if they might be the right alternative for you, read on to learn…

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Family Dental Care - Fresh Breath Blog Image

Fresh Breath: How Do I Get It?

Keeping your breath fresh and clean at all times should be a priority, as bad breath can be a warning sign of gum disease. Medically referred to as halitosis, bad breath can also be a result of poor habits that start at an early age. Family dental care may have…

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Braces Lafayette La

Ideal Age For Getting Braces

Although braces are likely the last thing on your mind when your little one’s teeth begin to emerge around the age of 6 months old, a seasoned local dentist will be on guard and looking for signs from that very initial appointment by age 1. Baby teeth are intended to…

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local family dentist blog post

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

What's the difference between the orthodontist and the common dentist you meet twice per year? While the orthodontist is educated in specialized medicine, you wouldn't seek out the expert for a simple toothache. Your local family dentist should be the initial point of contact for any oral health concerns ,…

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sports drinks and oral health

Sports Drinks and Oral Health

Summer would usually be the time where athletes start to train for the on-coming fall sports season. Although COVID has put a halt on most sports and other activities, sports drinks are still an important topic of discussion. Pediatric dentists are always willing and able to answer which beverages are…

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dental prosthetics

Prosthetic Dentistry: Getting Your Smile Back

A smile is usually the first thing a person sees about another person. If you have a less than perfect smile, you no longer have to feel self-conscious about it! Maestri Dental specializes in prosthetic dentistry, which can help you restore your smile. By using both fixed and mobile prosthetics,…

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Drinks good and bad for oral health

Summer Sips: What to Drink and What to Avoid for Oral Health

The beverages that we consume daily play a monumental role in the health of our teeth. A local dentist can certainly give recommendations when it comes to what to drink for supreme oral health and what ingredients will help to keep your family’s dental care up to par. And let’s…

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Teeth whitening

The Science of Teeth Whitening

If you find yourself searching for “teeth whitening near me,” but want to know the basics of teeth whitening, then you’ve come to the right place! Over time, due to our daily lives, our teeth can go from bright and shiny to dull and yellow. Having a shining set of…

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Botox for TMJ

How Can Botox Help with TMJ?

Botox: a buzzword if there ever was one. This minimally-invasive procedure has cultivated a large following, from celebrities to every-day citizens searching for methods to look and feel their best.  What Exactly is Botox? Botox is a neurotoxin, which sounds alarming, but is perfectly safe as long as it is…

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Emergency Dental Services

Dental Emergency: Tips and What to Know, Just in Case

Our mouths are used constantly throughout our days. Whether we are talking about our day at the dinner table, or eating the meal set before us, our teeth, jaw, mouth, and gums are very important. However, they can take a back seat to other major illness or ailments. In these…

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry – What Are My Options?

Does the notion of visiting the dentist bring on thoughts of worry or feelings of anxiety? Have you been pushing off your next dental check-up due to fear of what’s to come? If you suffer from dentophobia or an intense fear of visiting the dentist, then know that you are…

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Preparing your child for dental checkups

How to prepare your child for a dental check up

Most parents would agree that the overall health of their children is very important and should be a family priority. Oral hygiene is an important factor that contributes to the overall health of both children and adults. Unfortunately, routine dental appointments are not at the top of most parents priority…

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Home Dental Care Tips

Tips for At Home Dental Care

As you likely already know, the Louisiana Department of Health has mandated that dental providers only open for essential procedures until further notice due to Covid 19 safety precautions. This means if you had any routine appointments, including preventative hygiene/routine visits, orthodontic treatment, deliveries of appliances, and non-urgent dental procedures,…

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Blog image

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

Dental check-ups serve as a means to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Although it may seem obvious, family dental care is of the utmost importance, especially in a day and age where multiple factors can pose a threat to your family’s oral health. Sugary, sour, and acidic foods can…

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Little Girl at Dental Check up

Choosing the Right Local Dentist

Although we may be a tad biased when it comes to the best local dentist in Lafayette, if you ever move to a new city, state, or country, then you’ll have to find a brand new dentist. A simple Google search of “family dentist near me,” or even “affordable dentist…

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Wisdom Teeth

All About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are molars located at the back of the mouth that develop during the late teens/early twenties. A molar is different from the “front teeth” (incisors, canines) because their history dates back to the hunters and gatherers. With a diet strong in nuts and raw meat, and without the…

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Woman smiling - blog image about preventing gingivitis

3 Ways to Prevent Gingivitis

Gingivitis refers to the swelling, inflammation, and redness of the gums. An estimated 64.7 million American adults have some form of gum disease, ranging from mild to severe, and if your initial gingivitis is not taken seriously, it can lead to periodontitis (a serious gum disease that can result in tooth…

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Dr. Maestri going over the smile advantage program


Are you ready to get quality dental care at a price you can afford? Our Smile Advantage Plan is the best option for you! It's an annual payment that includes 2 cleanings, fluoride, any necessary x-rays, and more.
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Woman eating a donut with tagline "Is your diet causing bad breath?"


When making a first impression, there are a few key things you need to check for beforehand. Stains on your clothing, breakfast leftovers in your teeth, and last but not least bad breath! The last impression anyone wants to make is someone thinking you have poor oral hygiene. The majority…

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Lady smiling with text "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"


Your teeth are very delicate, one lousy fall, and BAM! Landing face-first into a hard surface, and you feel it instantly. You have just chipped your tooth. Initially, you start to panic. Fear and anxiety of having a broken smile forever begin to take over. Luckily, because of science and…

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Lady Smiling


Everybody slowly starts to see their pearly whites lose their luster throughout the years. It seems like no matter how much we brush, floss, and use whitening treatment our teeth always seem to fade back into a shade we don't like. The problem with stained teeth sometimes goes beyond just…

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How nail biting is ruining your smile


Infections and tooth decay are potential symptoms of one of the most common compulsive habits in the world! Over 30% of the population has the compulsion or has struggled with it at some point in their life. We're talking about the notorious NAIL BITING, the habit that bites back! And…

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Trick or treat, clean my teeth!


Halloween season is filled with scary movies, crazy costumes, and tempting CANDY! We can imagine your teeth start to cringe just walking through the store at this time of year. Although all candy can lead to cavities, we all enjoy snacking on our favorite treat every now and then. Here…

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football helmet with tagline "Keep your guard up"


Keep Your Guard Up Its that time of year again. Weekends have a purpose still, because it's football season! For youngsters, this time of year is a time to kick back, take a seat, and make bets. As for the parents and families of the athletes, this time adds a…

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Essential oils for oral care


It is no secret that essential oils have skyrocketed in organic health care over the years. Even some of our favorite social media influencers have endorsed the oil trend: Celebs like Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian swear by essential oils and are continually referencing them in their daily care. Typically…

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Non Dairy Calcium rich foods


We’ve all been given the advice, “Drink your milk and you’ll have strong bones.” But what we’re not often told is where to get our calcium from if we’re allergic to milk, if we don’t drink milk, or if we prefer to drink alternative sources of cow’s milk. Calcium is…

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Chewing gum and your teeth.


Chewing gum offers many benefits related to tooth and mouth care, but has also been shown to improve memory, reduce stress & anxiety, and help with weight loss. When choosing a pack of gum to chew on throughout the day, it’s extremely beneficial to choose one that is sugar-free and…

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Are you brushing too hard? Wooden Tooth Brushes in a mason jar


Brushing your teeth twice a day is a vital part of keeping and maintaining clean and healthy teeth, but is there such a thing as brushing your teeth too hard? Yes, it is possible to brush too hard and it can even lead to irreversible damage because if you brush…

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Rethink that sugary drink! Image of lots of sugary drinks


What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is when bacteria from your mouth uses the sugar from sugary foods and drinks to produce acids that dissolve and damage your teeth. Sugary drinks that are high in acid include: regular and “diet” soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, and fruit…

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Tooth model eating sweets


We have all heard our fair share of myths about the craziest things, especially as kids. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows, if you swallow gum it would stay in your belly forever, opening an umbrella inside the house would lead to bad luck, and many more. But as adults,…

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Red Toothbrush - Tooth Sensitivity


Ever wondered why you feel a painful sting in your teeth when eating or drinking something hot or acidic, biting into something cold, chewing on some ice, or enjoying a frozen treat? The answer to your question may be tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is when a person experiences a sharp…

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Lady eating a candy cane with text "What really causes bad breath"


Some causes of bad breath Certain Food and Drink Flavorful food and drink such as onions, garlic, vegetables, and spices are one of the most common causes for bad breath. The leftover food particles from those kinds of food can enter your bloodstream and get carried to the lungs. Once…

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Pregnant woman with image text "Oral Hygiene during pregnancy"


Pregnant? We know what you’re thinking when the dentist office calls about your next appointment.."oh, great, something else I need to worry about!" But when you're pregnant, visiting your dentist regularly is just as important as your prenatal checkups. There is direct correlation between your oral health and your baby’s…

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Guy from the Hangover showing his missing tooth in a mirror


Superman Syndrome is the idea that men think of themselves as invincible, so they tend to not worry about their body and oral health. Some men are too prideful and will ignore the warning signs in hopes that their problems will simply go away. This may be no surprise, but…

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plate of strawberries


If you’re like me and used the beginning of 2019 as your trial months and is now ready to start on the journey back to your mindset of “new year, new me”, then you’re in the right place. I feel like year after year we always have the same New…

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Maestri Family Dental Staff


Ever wondered if your oral health has an effect on your overall health? Recent studies have shown that there is a connection between your oral health, more specifically gum disease, and your overall body health. Although these studies have not been 100% proven, the chronic conditions that may come from…

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How to curb your sweet tooth


Many people know that sugar can cause cavities but have you ever thought of how? According the NICDR, the mouth is full of beneficial bacteria that is good for your oral health but certain harmful oral bacteria feeds on sugars that you eat, this creates acid that can lead to…

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Couple holding sparklers


New year…new you…new smile? As we wrap up 2018, it’s time for us to look forward to the new year. With the new year comes those new year’s resolutions that put us better off than last year. What will yours be? Pay off your student loans? Go to the gym?…

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Lady on phone and tablet walking outside


Adult hygiene is just as important as hygiene is as a child or teenager. You can keep your teeth for your lifetime if you follow and maintain a healthy mouth. Tips for adults to maintain their oral health Drink fluoridated water Brush with fluoride toothpaste Brush teeth thoroughly and floss…

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Maestri Family Dental Staff working on a patient


A regular dental check-up is important. These check-ups help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a regular dental visit every 6 months or as recommended by your dental professional. What Happens During a Dental Check-up? There are two main parts to a regular dental visit. They include…

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Bowl of colorful cheerios


Eating habits are very important for kids when it comes to them maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, maintaining eating habits for kids can sometimes be a struggle for parents. Some of the easiest ways to keep your children’s eating habits healthy include portion control and having a limit on sugar…

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Maestri Family Dental Staff


One little trick that many do not think about can change your hygiene for the better! Every time you go to the dentist, you're sent home with a cute goodie bag that usually includes a toothbrush, small toothpaste tube, and some floss. How often do you get home and throw…

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Essential Oils on a counter


Essential oils are all the hype right now and for good reason - They’ve been found to relieve stress, boost energy, have healing properties, enhance your immunity, and much more! And NOW, Dr. Maestri with Maestri Family Dental has come to find different ways they can boost your oral health.…

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red tooth brush


Do you usually avoid cold or hot drinks because you know they’ll make your teeth hurt? Sensitive teeth could be caused by acidic foods, brushing too hard, clenching teeth, or over-bleaching. Fortunately, sensitive teeth can be treated and your symptoms can improve! Read our tips below to find out how…

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Dr. Maestri working on male patient. Image text "Man up your health"


Nationally, the month of June is recognized as Men’s Health Month. Your oral health plays a large part in your overall health and vice versa. Check out these few tips and some concerns for men to be aware of in order to keep that charming smile clean and healthy this…

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Tooth Travel Tips


Summer is officially here and it is time to hit the beach! But before you pack your bags, read these few tips and tricks to make sure your dental hygiene doesn’t suffer over the next couple of weeks. You may be on vacation but your teeth are not so be…

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Breakfast Buffet on a table


When it comes to dental health and gum health, prevention is key! Here are a list of food and drink items to add and take away from your diet to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape for your next dental appointment: Foods to Eat in Moderation or Avoid…

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Pediatric stuffed animal that helps show kids the benefits of flossing in a fun way


Flossing can be a task, we know. We can’t remember to do it but when we do, we don’t have floss on hand or we just don’t feel like it. We know you’ve heard this before but let us remind you again, it’s imperative to your oral health to floss…

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