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Bonding & Contouring

Cosmetic Bonding and Contouring in Lafayette, LA

small procedures, big results

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that cosmetic dentistry requires invasive, complex procedures to achieve dramatic results. In fact, most people only need a few minor tweaks to enhance the brightness and symmetry of their smile. While a professional at-home teeth whitening kit can remove most stains and whiten the enamel, other conservative procedures like cosmetic bonding and contouring can refine imperfections and dramatically improve the quality of your smile.

what is bonding?

Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri DDS can use the same material she uses to fill cavities – dental composite resin – to correct a variety of flaws, including:

  • Severe discolorations and intrinsic stains that do not respond to traditional teeth whitening.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Misshaped or short teeth.

During this extremely conservative cosmetic dental procedure, Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri applies the liquid resin to the tooth in layers, allowing each layer to cure. Once applied, she utilizes several sculpting tools to reshape the resin and polish it to a lifelike gleam.

what is contouring?

Contouring also deals with refining the overall shape of your teeth. Contouring can address issues such as:

  • Jagged edges.
  • Teeth with uneven lengths.
  • Overly pointed bicuspids (also known as vampire teeth).
  • Overlapping teeth.

Using shaping and polishing instruments, Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri DDS can smooth away areas when oddly shaped enamel has thrown off the appearance of your smile. In certain cases, such as overlapping teeth, correcting the problem actually improves your ability to clean between teeth. Thus, cosmetic dentistry can also serve a functional purpose.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri DDS, call our office at 337-704-2126. Our Lafayette dentist’s office proudly provides preventive, restorative, and sedation dentistry services to families and individuals in Lafayette, LA, the Acadiana region.

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