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Invisalign for Teens: What You Need to Know

Invisalign for teens is a terrific option for parents exploring alternatives to braces for their children. This provides your teenage child with a bright smile that will last well into their adulthood. Learn more about Invisalign and how it can be beneficial for minors and young adults.

Invisalign at a Glance

You can think of Invisalign as clear braces that also happen to be removable. It comes in the form of a see-through aligner custom-fitted to your child’s teeth. The aligner is made from hard plastic that places just enough pressure to gradually push misaligned teeth into their original position. Unlike braces, you can remove the aligners when eating, brushing teeth, etc.

Studies have confirmed Invisalign to be effective for correcting dental abnormalities like crossbites, open bites, and malocclusion (crowding).

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Invisalign vs Braces for Teens

Invisalign and braces are both viable options for teens. Both are comparable in price. However, Invisalign has one major advantage over braces. The former is a see-through aligner, making it hardly noticeable during wear.

Braces, by contrast, clearly stand out with their metallic silver band. This can be a major confidence breaker for post-adolescent children who are especially conscious of their appearance around their peers.

It’s important to take into consideration your child’s feelings. Your teen may be under emotional stress upon learning he/she requires braces. Thoughts like “What will my friends think?” or “Will other kids make fun of me?” may come to mind.

Your child, though, maybe more accepting of Invisalign. Since the aligner is hardly visible, teens can wear the aligner with confidence. They’ll be less conscious when speaking or eating. Most important of all, they’ll be less likely to hide their smile.

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Additional Advantages of Invisalign for Teens

How is Invisalign specifically beneficial for teenagers? Consider these advantages:

  • More comfortable – Traditional braces may feel tight or rub against the inside of your mouth.
  • No Need to forgo activities – Traditional braces may inhibit certain extracurricular activities, such as music practice, or sports that require a mouthguard. This is a non-issue with removable Invisalign aligners.
  • Shorter Duration – You have to wear traditional braces for 18 to 24 months to complete the treatment, compared to six to 15 months for Invisalign.

Is My Teen Eligible for Invisalign?

Invisalign is safe for teens and adults. It’s generally not an option for younger children whose permanent teeth are still developing. Most children have all of their permanent teeth by around age 13. However, not all teens may be eligible for Invisalign.

A dentist will need to examine your child’s eligibility based on factors like overall oral health and jaw condition. If your teen’s gum and teeth are more or less healthy, then he/she should be eligible.

Invisalign Teen

There’s a specific type of aligner known as Invisalign Teen. As the name implies, it’s a variant of Invisalign formulated specifically for teenagers and young adults. What are some distinguishing features of Invisalign Teen?

  • The Invisalign Teen package comes with six free replacement aligners. This way, extras are available if your teen loses the original at school or when out with friends.
  • The aligners come with Smart Force™ attachments that provide better gripping to the molars.
  • The aligners have a blue indicator at the end that changes in shade depending on the length of time-worn. This allows parents to verify that their teen is wearing the aligner for the prescribed duration.

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