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Oral Appliance Therapy in Lafayette, LA

CPAP Alternatives to treat sleep apnea, snoring, & sleep disorders

It is with great pride that we officially announce and introduce Dr. Maestri’s new business in Lafayette, SleepWell Louisiana. Dr. Maestri takes pride in caring for the overall health of her patients, including their sleep health. SleepWell Louisiana can offer education and treatment surrounding sleep health in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible. 
Untreated sleep disorders not only impact quality of life but also have deadly effects such as hypertension, CHF, stroke, dozing accidents, and more. With the millions of undiagnosed patients who routinely receive routine dental care, we are in a unique position to positively affect the health and longevity of our patients’ lives.

<< what is sleep apnea? hear from our sleep care coordinator, christina

^^ what is sleep apnea? hear from our sleep care coordinator, christina

Reclaim Your Sleep and Live Well.

SleepWell Louisiana provides treatment to patients seeking relief from:
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Snoring
    • Insomnia
    • Restless Leg Syndrome
    • Shift Work Disorder
    • Narcolepsy 
Specializing in a sleep apnea dental device, oral appliance therapy, and other non-surgical alternatives to conventional treatment options, our team is dedicated to improving patients’ sleep, overall health, and quality of life.

<< hear more about sleep apnea from Dr. Maestri

^^ hear more about sleep apnea from Dr. Maestri

How It Works

1. Start with our Sleep Assessment
Click here to take our sleep assessment that only takes 1 minute to discover if you could be a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy
2. At-Home Sleep Test
Gone are the days of overnight stays in a lab hooked up to multiple wires to monitor your sleep! With Sleepwell, you’ll sleep at home like any other night while we get to work. Our sleep apnea tests at home use the WatchPAT technology, an innovative Home Sleep Apnea Device (HSAT) that connects to your smartphone.
3. Review Results Together
Once we have results from your Home Sleep Test, your sleep study is first reviewed by a Board Certified Physician to provide their medical recommendations and confirm your eligibility for oral appliance therapy. 
4. Get Fitted With Your Oral Appliance
A sleep treatment plan custom to you! We have multiple different devices for patients as everyone’s anatomy is different. They’re not one size fits all.
5. Sleep Well
Once you have your new oral appliance, you are on your way to more peaceful sleep and improving your quality of life! Our team is here for you to make adjustments to your appliance and for any questions you may have as you get used to it.
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