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A smile is one of the very first things that is noticed on a person, whether it be a first impression or someone you pass by every day. Everyone wants to know how to keep their pearly whites… well, white! In this article, we’re going to show you some tips and tricks on how to make your smile brighter. Before we get into it, we want to answer a question that we get asked often – “Why are my teeth turning yellow?”

The first reason may be simply because you’re getting older. It’s natural for teeth to begin to yellow as we age because the enamel begins to fade over time because of the daily wear on your teeth. Another reason may be because you smoke, drink things that stain your teeth such as coffee, tea or wine in excess, or it may be because you’re on certain medication such as antibiotics, antihistamines, etc. It can also be because of a poor diet that includes acidic sodas, candies, and even some fruits.

Healthy Habits After Eating and Drinking

When you eat or drink, especially acidic things, it’s very important to wash away any leftover particles from your mouth so it doesn’t stay on your teeth very long. If you can, brush your teeth after eating or drinking. At the very least, you should drink a glass of water or chew sugarless gum to wash away the excess food particles and acid that can disrupt the tooth’s enamel.

Avoid Bad Habits

Smoking cigarettes, drinking acidic sodas, coffee, tea, wine and eating a lot of processed foods can pretty much guarantee yellowing teeth. It’s very important to cut back on these things as much as possible and if not, we recommend getting your teeth cleaned every three months or so, as well as trying some of these natural teeth whitening tips below.


Berries have many antioxidants which are really great for your teeth and they also have whitening properties. To try it for yourself, mash up a couple of strawberries, rub it on your teeth then rinse well. Give yourself healthy teeth from the inside out by eating healthy foods such as yogurt and milk which are high in calcium, leafy greens, apples, celery and nuts.

Peroxide and Baking Soda Mixture

Half water and half hydrogen peroxide can be used as a teeth whitening mouth rinse by itself. Peroxide acts as a natural antiseptic which keeps breath fresh longer and washes away bad bacteria. Another way to use it for whitening your teeth is by making a paste with peroxide and just a little bit of baking soda (the paste should be runny, not thick) and using a toothbrush to rub it into your teeth gently, even all the way in the back.

Take Advantage of Our In-Office Whitening Treatment

If you have a special event coming up soon or if you’re looking for a quick fix, you can always come in and get an in-office whitening treatment. We now offer Philips Zoom QuickPro Whitening Treatment that only takes a few minutes, so any regular dental visit can turn into a whitening appointment, too!

Call our office today to learn more about our teeth whitening treatment options! 337-704-2126

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