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Your teeth are very delicate, one lousy fall, and BAM! Landing face-first into a hard surface, and you feel it instantly. You have just chipped your tooth. Initially, you start to panic. Fear and anxiety of having a broken smile forever begin to take over. Luckily, because of science and the fantastic work of dentists and orthodontists, a chipped tooth can be an easy fix.

Treatments for a Chipped Tooth

Small Chip

If you notice you have a small chip that is not causing pain or sensitivity, the solution may not require treatment at all. Your Dentist will assess the severity, and if the nerve is not exposed, they will simply smooth the chip away. After a bit of reshaping and polishing, your smile will look as if it never happened!

Medium Chip

If the chip in your tooth is severe enough to damage the enamel, but not enough to expose the nerve, this would be considered a medium size chip. Your Dentist will likely place a crown, filling, or cap over the area and smooth reshape the tooth back to its original form. The procedure is very minor, with a swift recovery period, usually no more than one to two weeks.

Large Chip

Uh oh, a large chip means the nerve is exposed, and the area needs to be treated immediately. Once you start to feel the sting of the exposed nerves, don’t hesitate to call your Dentist right away. A root canal procedure will most likely be the protocol and that will be followed by a filling and cap, ensuring the nerve is protected, and the tooth is restored to function as before.
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