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Are Whitening Strips Bad for Your Teeth?

Our teeth become discolored as we age. As disappointing as this can be, it is normal and does happen to everyone. The natural aging process of teeth can be heightened due to factors such as medication, smoking, or coffee which can also lead to quicker discoloration.

To reverse the effects, many people will turn to teeth whitening strips since they are a cost-effective alternative.

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Are whitening strips bad for your teeth?

A bright white smile symbolizes beauty and self-care, so enhancing the teeth’s appearance is important to many people. With over-the-counter (OTC) at-home teeth whitening strips rising in popularity, it would be wise to make sure your mouth and gums are healthy before using any teeth whitening products.

So, visiting a dentist in the Lafayette, LA area ahead of time would help to eliminate any dental issues that may exist.

Facts About OTC Whitening Treatments


Store-bought treatments do not supply the precise amount of solution needed to specifically fit your smile. Therefore, if the whitening solution is weak, the result will not be as bright or last as expected.  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”


Many OTC teeth whitening products contain a large amount of hydrogen peroxide or bleach, which can erode the tooth enamel leaving the nerves vulnerable to decay. It can also lead to other severe issues. This can be extremely painful.

Inconsistent whitening

Since the small crevices of your teeth are hard to reach, those areas will remain discolored when using OTC whitening strips.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can brighten your smile slightly, but the results will not be what you expected. The toothpaste will remove surface stains but cannot change the natural color of the teeth.

Not for everyone

If you have sensitive teeth or receding gums, using a tooth whitening product could be extremely painful. Also, if you have visible crowns, caps, or fillings, they do not whiten with treatment. This means they will remain the same color as when you got them.

The main active ingredient in all teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide. This solution is what is harmful to the teeth because the bleach can damage the layers of a tooth.

Your teeth are made up of three layers, and each layer plays a vital role in supporting a healthy mouth and a strong smile.

Layers of the Teeth


This is the hard exterior layer of the teeth that protects against the elements that can cause cavities. This means the enamel is the first defense against tooth decay.


This is the layer of the tooth beneath the enamel that surrounds the pulp and contains high levels of collagen protein.


This layer of connective tissue is within the center of the tooth and underneath the dentin which keeps the pulp safely in place.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips are favored over professional whitening solutions because they are cost-effective. The strips are made of a soft, flexible plastic that is coated to keep them secure on your teeth.

Most people consider using whitening strips as a short-term solution to brighten their teeth for an upcoming event or special occasion.

However, to get the best results, scheduling an appointment with a dentist in the Lafayette, LA area for professional teeth whitening treatment is the wiser choice.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Lafayette, LA

If you are considering whitening your teeth to brighten your smile, contact Maestri Dental today to schedule an appointment. Take advantage of our take-home Opalescence Go teeth whitening kit to use at your convenience from the comfort of your home!

Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri and her dedicated team care about how your smile makes you feel. We understand that your smile is a major part of your physical appearance.

You and your family will have a positive experience because Maestri Dental is committed to excellence.

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