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Back-to-School = Back to the Dentist!

As children are going back to school, it’s the best time to implement a stricter schedule and routine. Especially in these unprecedented times, stability and consistency is key to a child’s success. The same can be said about their oral health. The more a child is exposed to good dental habits, the more likely they are to continue them into adulthood. Scheduling your child’s back-to-school dental appointment may seem daunting, but with Maestri Family Dental, you and your child can expect a great learning and treatment experience that will leave a lasting positive impact! Start your child’s new year off with a confident and radiant smile!

Why Are They Important?

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting people around the world, times have been quite uncertain. Couple that with a child’s first day back at school, either in-school or online, and this can cause stress for both the parents and the children. However, setting an example and routine can bring a sense of stability to that child, and that can aid in their future success! This routine should always include good dental hygiene practices and yearly dental visits. These dental visits can provide vital information for parents and patients alike on the best oral health practices. Discussing your child’s oral health is vital, especially at a young age, because problems can be discovered and treated early. If dental visits and cleaning become second nature, then it is more likely that the child will continue those practices throughout their lifetime. Setting this precedent can set your child up for great dental health for many years to come!

What to Expect?

If you can prepare your child for their back-to-school dental appointment, they are more likely to be calm and receptive during the procedure. First, your child will wait in the dental waiting room for their turn with the dentist. Because of COVD regulations, this may look different than in previous appointments. There may be less people in the waiting room as well as more safety measures taking place, such as temperature checks and mask requirements. There also may no longer be a play area nor books/reading material accessible for your child. 

Once your child is taken back for their appointment, they will be seated in a chair resembling a recliner, so the dental hygienist can take a good look at their teeth. They can expect the hygienist to clean their teeth using automatic brushes and other tools. They will also floss between your child’s teeth and check for any cavities or problem teeth. Once their cleaning is complete, the dentist will look over your child’s teeth and look for any bite abnormalities or any other problems. Once this is complete, your child will usually get a treat—a new toothbrush, new toothpaste, and/or floss to take home!

Sometimes, your child will have to get x-rays of their teeth, which is usually not every visit. They may also get a fluoride treatment, which may taste like cotton candy or bubble gum, which helps build up the enamel on their teeth. These procedures are quick, painless, and are limited to every other dental visit or so.


How to Prepare?

In order to give your child the best chance at a successful dental appointment, make sure your child is well-rested. Make sure that your child is aware of what will happen during the appointment and answer all questions they may have. Also, you may want to schedule these appointments early, as many parents will want to get their child into the dentist chair around the beginning of the school year. If you take these suggestions, your child will have the best chance at great dental health, and a great school year!

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