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Dental black triangles may be the answer to why your friends are constantly telling you that there’s food in your teeth…even though there really isn’t any food there. Black triangles appear when there is a slight space between two teeth, usually the front two, that will appear dark to the eye because of the darkness from the inside of your mouth. For most people, a triangular shaped gum tissue, called papilla tissue, is formed to fill this space.

Here are some reasons why people may be missing their papilla tissue

• Gum disease

• Accidental injury to the gums

• Excessive tooth picking, aggressive flossing, and nail biting

• Poorly fitted dental work

• Malposition teeth formation

• Periodontal treatment/surgery

Black triangles pose concerns not only cosmetically, but also for poor gum health. Black triangles allow room for food and debris to get stuck where bacteria can prosper and cause greater problems like gum inflammation. Untreated gum inflammation could eventually cause bone loss around the teeth. Luckily, there are several ways dental cosmetics can solve black triangles.

If you’re tired of hearing your friends say, “You gotta little something in your teeth” and think you are in need of restorative treatments to fix your black triangles, make an appointment with us so Dr. Maestri can have a look. We want to help you feel confident again!

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