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Prosthetic Dentistry: Getting Your Smile Back

A smile is usually the first thing a person sees about another person. If you have a less than perfect smile, you no longer have to feel self-conscious about it! Maestri Dental specializes in prosthetic dentistry, which can help you restore your smile. By using both fixed and mobile prosthetics, you can cover, fix, or replace your dental woes and smile bigger and with more confidence than ever before. Whether you are missing a tooth, a crown, or even a piece of your jaw, dental prosthetics provide a sturdy replacement that looks just like your other teeth or bone structures. Dental work is no longer just about cleaning; it can provide you peace of mind!

So, what are dental prosthetics?

Like other prosthetics that you may be used to seeing, dental prosthetics are custom-manufactured device that are placed into your mouth or jaw in order to replace or repair your teeth/crowns. They can also be made to replace portions of your jaw or palette that may have been missing from birth or damaged later in life. These prosthetics, however, are made to mimic the look of natural teeth or bone. While a prosthetic arm may function in a similar way to a normal arm, you can obviously tell it is a prosthetic arm. The cosmetic goal of dental prosthetics is to look as normal as possible to the naked eye in order to restore the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile! 

Dental prosthetics are classified into two types:

  • Fixed Prosthetics
  • Mobile Prosthetics

Fixed prosthetics are as they are named: fixed and permanent. These dental prosthetics utilize screws and/or dental adhesive to attach to the teeth or implants of the patients. Also, crown and bridge work are permanently cemented to the teeth or implants for which they are being used. This process allows for more sturdy and permanent implants. Although, with fixed prosthetics, there is less of a need for multiple implants compared to mobile prosthetics. Fixed dental prosthetics are installed with a shorter surgery than mobile prosthetics, and they also have a shorter recovery time on average. Once recovered, patients with fixed prosthetics eat and speak easier and tend to have a more even and stronger bite force. Overall, fixed dental prosthetics are made with a more custom fit, so they will fit better in the mouth of the patient. They are also statistically longer lasting than mobile prosthetics. 

However, fixed prosthetics are more prone to infection, so it is important that they are cleaned properly, especially right after surgery. They are also not the best option for everyone. For patients with gum problems or bone density issues, fixed prosthetics are not ideal. They may make those problems worse in the long run. Fixed prosthetics are also significantly more expensive than mobile dental prosthetics. What makes them so expensive is the fact that they are permanent. Therefore, if you choose to change your prosthetics or some detail about them, it is very difficult to do so. If you are considering fixed prosthetics, you need to weigh the pros and cons to decide if these services are best for you and your long-term dental health.

In contrast to the nature of fixed dental prosthetics, mobile dental prosthetics are removable. These prosthetics use a combination of friction and suction products to remain in place against the undercut of the teeth or implants. Mobile prosthetics can be either a total set of prosthetics, partial dentures, or implant prosthetics. Unlike fixed prosthetics, mobile dental prosthetics are a better option for patients with gum disease or bone density issues, as they can be taken out and/or moved. This quality also makes them desirable for patients who would prefer prosthetics that they can take in and out and make changes to throughout their lives. However, they are likely to move or shift, which may become a problem if they move in the wrong way. They are also linked to bone loss within the jaw. So, if mobile dental prosthetics seem like a better choice for you after weighing your options, ask a prosthetic dentist office near you how they can assist you in obtaining dental confidence once again!

Dental prosthetics have changed the way that many patients see their smile. If you are looking for either a permanent or mobile option to fix your broken or missing teeth, ask how dental prosthetics can be beneficial to you in your specific case. Maestri Dental has many professionals standing by to answer any and all questions that you may have about these processes. Let Maestri Dental bring your smile back to life!

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