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When making a first impression, there are a few key things you need to check for beforehand. Stains on your clothing, breakfast leftovers in your teeth, and last but not least bad breath! The last impression anyone wants to make is someone thinking you have poor oral hygiene. The majority of people do not even realize the daily habits that may be the cause of their chronic bad breath.

3 Habits that may be the Cause of Chronic Bad Breath

High-Sugar or High-Protein Diets

We all know that certain foods like garlic and drinks like coffee cause bad breath immediately after consumption but what most people don’t realize is chronic bad breath can occur from your daily diet even without direct consumption. If your diet consists of foods high in sugar, the already existing bacteria in your mouth will increase as a reaction to the sugar. Leaving behind a bitter taste and aroma that can be hard to wash out. For diets that are high in protein, it can be difficult for your body to digest with proper balance. Too much protein causes your body to produce sulfurous gases, which can lead to an unpleasant smell released orally — the solution would be to maintain a balanced diet that will keep your breath fresh and regulate your health.

Prescription Medications

Many medications such as antibiotics can cause symptoms of dry mouth, which can result in bad breath. When your mouth is dry, odor-causing bacteria will increase, trying to sustain in the arid environment. Be aware of the symptoms of your medication beforehand, so that you can better prepare yourself to prevent signs of bad breath from occurring by drinking more water and carrying around gum or mints.

Alcohol and Smoking

We all have our vices but what if your guilty pleasure is trickling into your daily life, causing bad breath? Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, even if it is just a few glasses of wine before bed, can cause low production of saliva, which can lead to bad breath. Again, any substance that causes dry mouth increases the production of odor-causing bacteria. As for smoking, whether that be cigarettes, cigars, or even the newly popular vape products, you are causing more and more damage with every puff. The habit will not only leave your breath with an unpleasant bar room smell, your gums will also begin to erode, potentially leading to more serious oral diseases in the future.

The moral of the story is to maintain a balanced diet, read the labels on your prescription medications to prepare for bad breath, and reduce your alcohol consumption and smoking habits. If you follow our tips, you’ll be on your way to fresh breath in no time!

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