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Infections and tooth decay are potential symptoms of one of the most common compulsive habits in the world! Over 30% of the population has the compulsion or has struggled with it at some point in their life. We’re talking about the notorious NAIL BITING, the habit that bites back!

And sure, we all know how unflattering and gross it is, but what you people don’t know is the risk on your teeth with every bite!

3 Ways Nail Biting is Damaging Your Smile

  1. You are chipping away at your smile! Biting your nails is a daily job for your teeth. The structure of the nail is not designed to be chew, so it is no wonder why it is so damaging. Although you may not see it right away, the enamel on your teeth is slowly widdling away with every bite. In severe cases, you can start to develop an arch at the bottom of your front teeth.
  2. Are you prepared to get braces? If you’re still biting your nails, you are well on your to the orthodontist because nail-biting can potentially be shifting your teeth out of place. Shifting occurs when you put recurring pressure on your teeth in the same place consistently. Your teeth will begin to reshape themselves to fit your needs and if your need is biting your nails all the time, then your teeth shift to accommodate you.
  3. Diseases, Infections, and Bacteria, oh my! If chipped and crooked teeth don’t scare you out of your habit, maybe a trip to the doctor will. According to Time Magazine, “a family of bacteria called Enterobacteriaceae — which includes salmonella and E. coli — tends to thrive in the cozy crevice beneath the tips of your nails.” Enterobacteriaceae can also lead to abdominal pain and staph infections. So play it safe and keep your fingers away from your mouth!
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