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There are many common AND surprising things that can ruin your teeth that most people do, or consume, every day. Some may be obvious, yet others may be a surprise. These can include food or non-food items.


  • Biting nonfood items:
    • We often find ourselves fidgeting by biting water bottles, nails, or other plastic. This can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss
  • Overdoing it on brushing/flossing
    • You can wear away your enamel by over brushing or over flossing. This can ultimately result to receding gums
  • Grinding/clenching teeth
    • If you have facial or jaw soreness in the morning, you may be doing this in your sleep; it can cause enamel erosion and cracking or chipping of the teeth overtime
  • Drug abuse
    • Tooth loss and teeth decay can be caused directly by drug abuse
  • Poor dental hygiene
    • On the other hand, not brushing and flossing at all or very little can also hurt your teeth; gum infections and gum disease can come about with devastating results


  • Sour candies
    • This is not a surprising one. Sour candy contains all different kids of acid that can ruin your teeth and create cavities by getting stuck in your teeth.
  • Bread
    • As you chew bread, your salvia breaks the starches down into sugars and the pieces get stuck in between your teeth
  • Alcohol
    • Ever notice when you drink, how dry your mouth becomes? Saliva is needed to keep your teeth healthy and drinking alcohol contributes to saliva loss
  • Carbonated Drinks
    • Drinking a large amount of carbonated drinks can be as damaging to your teeth as using methamphetamines
  • Ice
    • Chewing on ice can actually damage your enamel and chip or crack your teeth. Once your enamel is gone, it is gone
  • Citrus
    • The acidity from citrus fruits and drinks can erode enamel and your teeth may become more prone to decay
  • Potato Chips
    • These are loaded with starch that breaks down into sugar as we eat them that can cause cavities
  • Dried fruits
    • Because of their stickiness, they get stuck in your teeth leaving behind loads of sugar
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