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One little trick that many do not think about can change your hygiene for the better!

Every time you go to the dentist, you’re sent home with a cute goodie bag that usually includes a toothbrush, small toothpaste tube, and some floss. How often do you get home and throw that goodie bag into a drawer and never look at it again? For most, that would be every time.

Well, it is time to change that habit and increase better hygiene! You can store these goodie bags in places where they will actually be put to use. Think about all the times when you’re on the go and you wish you could pause to get your mouth clean & breath fresh. Sometimes gum & mints just don’t cut it. Well, we can help change that by storing these goodie bags in convenient places!

Places you can store your goodie bags

In your desk drawer at work. How many times have you been at work, and noticed your midday breath? If you have your goodie bag, you can get rid of that coffee/after lunch breath stench!

In your car. Having toothpaste and a toothbrush in your car can benefit you in many ways! If you are always on the go or even traveling, and forget your toothbrush, you will always have one handy just in case.

In your purse. (shout out to the moms that carry totes!) Okay moms! This could be for you or your child! Ever been out and about and wished you could brush you or your child’s teeth?

In your gym bag. Having one of these goodie bags in your gym bag can come in handy before or after your workout!

In a guest bedroom bathroom. One of the most common things to forget when traveling is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Having friends or family over? If they forget any of their brushing essentials, you can store a goodie bag in your guest bathroom! They will be so “mint-tastic” if you did!

On another note, one often wonders how to assure that their toothbrush is clean and healthy to use.

 Here are some tips to relieve those assumptions!

Everyday toothbrush cleanliness tips:

  • Rinse off any toothpaste or other things from your toothbrush thoroughly with water
  • After using toothbrush, set toothbrush in upright position and let air dry
  • You can store your toothbrush in a small breathable zipper bag. This will help it air out and kill the bacteria

Once-a-month toothbrush tips:

  • You can soak your toothbrush in anti-bacterial wash
  • You can ask to store your toothbrush in a small cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • You can boil your toothbrush for about 3 minutes
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