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Halloween season is filled with scary movies, crazy costumes, and tempting CANDY! We can imagine your teeth start to cringe just walking through the store at this time of year. Although all candy can lead to cavities, we all enjoy snacking on our favorite treat every now and then.

Here are a few tips to help you clean your teeth properly after indulging in sugary filled goodness this Halloween:

Swish and wash it out first

Before scrubbing your teeth with a brush, you should swish some water or mouthwash. Especially after eating a gummy or sticky candy. This can help get those stubborn little pieces out and rinse away the sugar!

Chew it out!

One trick that can help prevent sugar deposits from making their self a home in your teeth is sugar-free gum. Chewing gum after eating is a great way to clear out those hard to reach places. As you chew, the gum will loosen food particles stuck in those hard to reach places.

Wait a minute before brushing

We know it seems logical to brush your teeth right after eating sugary foods, but this may actually be causing more damage. After eating or drinking something sweet or sour, your teeth are in a vulnerable (softer) state. This means brushing right away could cause more damage to your enamel. Be sure to play it safe, rinse your mouth out with water right and try to wait 15- 30 mins after eating to brush.

We encourage you to limit all sugary foods, drinks, and candies if you can but if you can’t resist the cravings and you do experience any pain or sensitivity in your teeth when eating sweets, please call us and make an appointment to make sure there are no underlying tooth or gum issues!

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